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TDLR Registration
Your very first step will be to register with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR) for the parent-taught program. This is a basic form you can fill out online, or print the application to mail. The TDLR charges a $20 fee for enrollment in parent taught, and they will send you a "Program Guide" containing most of the forms you need for the process. If you choose to register online, you can pay the fee and have the guide emailed to you from the state within a day or two.
The TDLR Program Guide will have general instructions as well, but don’t worry, our course will guide you the entire way. The guide DOES NOT contain any learning material.
Top Choice Registration
Now you are ready to sign up with Top Choice Drivers Ed! You complete a simple form and make a secure ONE-TIME payment of $75. This covers EVERYTHING! Including classroom and driving portions, both the Texas Learner License and Driver License. Once you register, you can login and get started right away! The course does not expire, so you never have to worry about being charged again like some other courses.
Getting the Learner License
When you are enrolled and logged in to the course you will begin with the classroom portion. When registering you will choose a “method,” “Concurrent” or “Block.” Most students will do the “Concurrent” method because it allows you to get the Learner License faster. “Concurrent” method students will complete the first 6 hours of lessons and then get the Learner License, while “Block” method students will complete all 32 classroom hours before getting the Learner License. (Block is a common choice for 14 year olds)
After completing the classroom hours you will take some practice quizzes to help you get ready for the Learner License Exam. When you are ready, you will take the Official Texas Learner License Exam online with our website. Yep, from home! You will NOT have to take a test at the DPS.
Once you’ve passed the Official Texas Learner License Exam online you will request your Official Texas Certificate of Completion (DE-964). We will promptly email the certificate to you along with clear instructions on everything you need to bring with you to the DPS. We have all of the forms available in the course, along with samples of each form filled out.
Then you are ready to visit the DPS location of your choice to obtain the Texas Learner License. You will present your paperwork, do a quick eye test, and take a picture for your permanent Learner License. You will NOT take an exam at the DPS, you do that on our website. The Texas DPS will issue a temporary “paper” Learner License that you can use to start driving with an eligible licensed adult.
Completing the Course
Once you have a valid Texas Learner License you may begin completing driving lessons along with the remaining classroom hours. Completing the classroom lessons is simple and can be done completely at your own pace, with no timed pages. Start or stop a lesson at any point and have the freedom to move anywhere in the course at any time. We make keeping track of your time easy with our custom log sheets.
Texas has guidelines for completion of online driver education. Classroom lessons can be completed at a maximum of 2 hours per day. The 14 hrs of driving lessons can be completed at a maximum of 2 hours per day (only 1 hour of the student driving).
For the driving portion you will have very detailed short lessons that tell the parent exactly what to do in the vehicle for each activity. Driving activities start easy such as pulling to and from a curb, and gradually move to more complex driving such as entering a freeway. You will have the option of printing off an outline or a full copy of the driving lesson to bring with you in the vehicle.
Getting the Driver License!
Upon completing all state required 32 classroom and 44 driving hours you will request and receive a second Official Texas Certificate of Completion (DE-964). We will give you instructions on what to fill out and which forms you will need for the Driver License.
The DPS has one more requirement for every driver before getting the Driver License. You must watch a 2 hour video on their website, Impact Texas Teen Driver (ITTD). This is completed AFTER all of your online driver education requirements, and we will remind you several times. When it is time, visit their website, watch the video and receive a certificate of completion. You have to complete this video within 90 days of your actual driving test. So if your test isn’t for 4 months, don’t complete the ITTD video yet.
In order to get a Texas Driver License you must schedule a driving test with the Texas DPS. Using this DPS search tool you can look up your DPS location and find out how they schedule driving tests at that particular location. Many do it online. Schedule early, as many locations can be booked up for months.
Now that you have the DE-964 Certificate from us, and the ITTD video certificate you can visit the DPS on your scheduled testing date. Arrive early with ALL paperwork filled out, but wait to sign in front of a DPS official. Upon passing the Driving Skills Tests, the DPS will issue a Texas Provisional Driver License.
There is also another option for taking the Driving Skills Test. You can use an approved local “Third Party Skills Test” driver ed school. They do charge a fee for this and does not avoid a trip to the DPS, but you will likely get an earlier testing date. You can find a listing of approved schools on the DPS website.
View a Lesson Sample!
That’s the whole process! It may seem like a lot to remember, but don’t worry we will be guiding you every step of the way! We provide fool-proof instruction throughout the Learner & Driver Licenses. When you have questions along the way, you can be assured that our customer support team is here to help you fast and with a friendly voice. We look forward to helping you during this exciting time!