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Question #1
You should only use your signal when you are ________.

a) changing lanes
b) pulling out of a parallel parking space
c) turning
d) all of these

Question #2
Which sign indicates that one lane of traffic joins another lane of traffic from the right?

Question #3
Construction and maintenance warning signs are usually what color?

a) Red
b) Orange
c) Brown
d) Blue

Question #4
Which sign indicates the road makes a sharp turn to the right ahead?

Question #5
This sign indicates that pedestrians might be crossing because you are near a _________.

a) church
b) railroadcrossing
c) school
d) crosswalk

Question #6
You must stop your vehicle within ______ feet of a railroad crossing when a train is approaching.

a) 10 to 60
b) 15 to 50
c) 10 to 50
d) 15 to 60

Question #7
What does the sign pictured tell the driver?

a) they cannot make a U-turn
b) there is not a place to turn around ahead
c) the road does not curve left ahead
d) they cannot make a left turn

Question #8
A sign in the shape of an equilateral triangle is exclusively for:

a) school crossings
b) no passing zones
c) yield signs
d) railroad warning signs

Question #9
The sign pictured indicates what?

a) slippery road ahead from rain
b) drive carefully for winding road ahead
c) uneven road surface ahead
d) road makes a sharp turn ahead

Question #10
Which type of sign tells you what road you are on and is helpful when you are not in your home area?

a) regulatory signs
b) guide signs
c) construction signs
d) warning signs

Question #11
Which shape is designated for railroad advance warning signs?

a) vertical rectangle
b) circular
c) pennant
d) pentagon

Question #12
What does this sign indicate?

a) you will have to make a left hand turn
b) the road curves sharply right, slow down
c) you must make a right or left hand turn
d) the road curves sharply left, slow down

Question #13
What color are the flashing lights at a railroad crossing indicating a train is approaching?

a) red
b) green
c) yellow
d) white

Question #14
If a construction worker is displaying a red flag in the roadway, a driver should be prepared to do what?

a) Stop
b) Slow down
c) Proceed through
d) Pass around him

Question #15
Vehicle "A" must yield the right-of-way to drivers on the multiple-lane roadway.

a) True

b) False

Question #16
It is okay to pass a school bus as long as it is stopped with its proper loading and unloading signals flashing.

a) True

b) False

Question #17
The shape of a sign is important. What shape does this best represent?

a) Construction sign
b) Yield sign
c) Stop sign
d) School zone sign

Question #18
Identify the correct sign: Road Turns Sharply Up Ahead

Question #19
Identify the correct sign: Uneven Roadway Surfaces

Question #20
Identify the correct sign: Lane Merges with Traffic on the Right

Please be sure to answer ALL questions before submitting.

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